The Pocket Guide to World History

Louis X. The Stubborn. 1289-1316. King of Navarre 1305-14, France 1314-. Chartered nobles. [Read more ...]

Louis XI. 1423-83. French King 1461-. Acquired Burgundy, Anjou. Postal service 1477. Arras Treaty. [Read more ...]

Louis XII. Father of the People. 1462-1515. French King 1498-. Italian Wars. [Read more ...]

Louis XIII. The Just. 1601-43. French King 1610-. With Richelieu, extended monarchs power. Absolutism. [Read more ...]

Louis XIV. Sun King. 1638-1715. French King 1643-. Mazarin regent to 1661. Absolute reign signalled a flourishing of the arts. Built Versailles. Revoked Edict of Nantes. -“L’état c’est moi.” [Read more ...]

Louis XIV Style. 1638-1715. Rich decoration as at Versailles. Poussin. Le Nôtre. [Read more ...]

Louis XV. 1710-74. French King 1715-. Incompetence led to lost prestige, French Revolution. Philippe, duc d’Orléans. [Read more ...]

Louis XV Style. 1715-74. Superior craftsmanship. Rococo decoration. Boucher. [Read more ...]

Louis XVI. 1754-93. French King 1774-92. Bankrupted Government. French Revolution. Guillotined 1793. [Read more ...]

Louis XVII. 1785-95. Nominal French king during Revolution. [Read more ...]

Louis XVIII. 1755-1824. Bourbon. Restored to French throne by Allies 1814-. Advisory Parliament. Ultraloyalists. [Read more ...]

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