The Pocket Guide to World History

Louis II. The German. c822-76. King of East Carolingian Empire, 843-. Fought reuniting attempts. Checked Arab invasion of Italy. [Read more ...]

Louis II. The Stammerer. 846-79. W Frankish King 877-. [Read more ...]

Louis III. 863-82. French King 879-. Withstood Norse invasion. [Read more ...]

Louis IV. c1283-1347. German king 1314-. Holy Roman Emperor, 1328-. German electors overrule Pope to make him Emperor. [Read more ...]

Louis IV. d’Outremer. 921-54. French King 936-. Fought Hugh the Great (father of Hugh Capet). [Read more ...]

Louis IX. St. Louis. 1214-70. French King 1226-70. Last 2 crusades. Captured on 7th Crusade. Built Ste-Chapelle, 1243, in thanks for release. [Read more ...]

Louis Napoleon. Napoleon III. [Read more ...]

Louis V. Do Nothing. 967-87. Last Carolingian king of France. 979-87. [Read more ...]

Louis VI. The Fat. 1081-1137. French King 1108-. Fought Henry I. [Read more ...]

Louis VII. The Young. 1120-80. French King 1137-. Second Crusade. Marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine annulled, consanguinity. [Read more ...]

Louis VIII. The Lionheart. 1187-1226. French King 1223-. Invaded England 1216-7. Albigensian Crusade 1226. [Read more ...]

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