The Pocket Guide to World History

Lothair I. 795-855. Carolingian Emperor, 840-. Failed attempt to reunite empire. [Read more ...]

Lotharingia. 843-870. Middle kingdom of split Carolingian Empire. Redivided. [Read more ...]

Lotus Eaters. African peoples of Odyssey who were forgetful and idle. [Read more ...]

Louis. The Child. 893-911. Last Carolingian German King, 899-. [Read more ...]

Louis. The Younger. c830-882. Carolingian German King 876-. Acquired Lotharingia. [Read more ...]

Louis d’Or. 1641-1795. French gold coin. [Read more ...]

Louis I. 1786-1868. King of Bavaria 1825-48. Abdicated 1848 due to Lola Montez. [Read more ...]

Louis I. 1838-89. King of Portugal, 1861-. Ended slavery in colonies. [Read more ...]

Louis I. 778-840. Charlemagne’s son. Last Emperor of unified Carolingian Empire 814~. Twice deposed and restored. [Read more ...]

Louis I. The Great. 1326-82. King of Hungary, 1342-, Poland 1370-. Rid kingdoms of Turks. Fought Venice, Naples. [Read more ...]

Louis II. 1506-26. King of Hungary and Bohemia 1516-. Lost Hungary to Turks. [Read more ...]

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