The Pocket Guide to World History

Lönrott, Elias. 1802-84. Finnish. Compiled folk verses to create Kalevala 1835,49. [Read more ...]

López de Legazpi, Miguel. -1572. Spanish explorer. Conquered Philippines, 1564. [Read more ...]

Lorelei. Rhine river cliff. Siren lures sailors to death. [Read more ...]

Lorentz, Hendrik. 1853-1928. Dutch physicist. Electromagnetic radiation theory, 1895. [Read more ...]

Lorenz, Konrad. 1903-89. Austrian zoologist. Father of ethology. Man Meets Dog 1954. [Read more ...]

Loretto. Italy. 1295. Virgin Mary’s house miraculously translated from Nazareth. [Read more ...]

Lorraine, Claude. 1600-82. French landscape painter, master of sunlight. Sunset 1644. [Read more ...]

Lost Generation. Gertrude Stein’s term for US writers influenced by WWI. Fitzgerald. Hemingway. [Read more ...]

Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. 722BC. Deported when Assyria invaded. [Read more ...]

Lot. His wife was turned to stone. Sodom. [Read more ...]

Lothair. 835-69. King of Lotharingia, 855. Disputes with Pope over annulment of his marriage. [Read more ...]

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