The Pocket Guide to World History

London Pact. 1914. Britain France Russia agree to no separate peace with Central Powers. [Read more ...]

London Protocol. 1830. Established independent Greece as Kingdom. 1832 Set Greek borders. [Read more ...]

London Treaty. 1674 Holland, England end War. 1824 Netherlands, Britain for control of Malaya. 1827 Britain, France, Russia to force mediation on Turkey/Greek freedom fighters. 1831 Belgian War of Independence. 1832 Britain, France, Bavaria made Otto I, King of Greece. 1852 Danish Succession. 1867 Luxembourg independence granted. 1871 Ended neutrality of Black Sea. 1913 Ended first Balkan War. 1915 (Secret) Britain-France-Russia grant concessions to Italy for joining WWI allies. Revealed by Bolsheviks 1918. [Read more ...]

Londonderry Siege. 1689. 105 days vs James II forces. [Read more ...]

Long, Crawford. 1815-78. US physician. First surgical use of ether, 1842. [Read more ...]

Long, Huey. 1893-1935. US demagogic Louisiana governor. 1928-31, US Senator 1931-5. Share the Wealth. Shot. [Read more ...]

Long March. 1934-5. 100,000 Chinese Communists march from Kiangsi, 6,000 miles to Shensi. Mao became leader. 50,000 die. [Read more ...]

Long Parliament. 1640-60. Civil War parliament. Ended Charles I attempt to govern without one. [Read more ...]

Longchamp, William. -1197. English Chancellor. Ruled in Richard I’s absence 1190-1. Arranged ransom 1193 ending John’s rebellion. [Read more ...]

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. 1807-82. US poet. Evangeline 1847. Hiawatha 1855. Paul Revere’s Ride 1863. [Read more ...]

Longinus. 213-273. Greek philosopher. Advised Zenobia to revolt vs Rome. Executed. [Read more ...]

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