The Pocket Guide to World History

Loménie de Brienne, Etienne. 1727-94. French Finance minister 1787-8. [Read more ...]

Lomonosov, Mikhail. 1711-65. Russian writer/scientist. Established U of Moscow. Reformed Russian literary language. [Read more ...]

Lon Nol. 1913-85. Cambodian Prime Minister 1966-7. Overthrew Sihanouk 1970. Deposed by Khmer Rouge 1975. [Read more ...]

London, Jack. 1876-1916. US adventure author. Call of the Wild 1903. [Read more ...]

London Bridge. 963 wood. 1176 stone. 1831 rebuilt. 1971 Sold, moved to US. [Read more ...]

London Company. 1606. Establishd first permanent English settlement in N America at Jamestown, VA. [Read more ...]

London Conference. 1933 Failed financial reforms to end Depresion. [Read more ...]

London Declaration. 1909. Proposed rules for naval warfare. Not ratified. [Read more ...]

London Dock Strike. 1889. [Read more ...]

London Gazette. 1665. Oldest publishing newspaper. Official government organ. [Read more ...]

London Naval Conference. 1930. US, Britain, France, Japan, Italy, USA agree to limit battleships to 1936. [Read more ...]

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