The Pocket Guide to World History

Livingstone, David. 1813-73. Scottish missionary, central Africa 1840-73. Discovered Victoria Falls, Zambesi River. Stanley. [Read more ...]

Livius Andronicus. c284-204BC. Roman epic poet. Translated Greek plays, Odyssey. [Read more ...]

Livonia. 9C Livs. 1237 Teutonic Knights. 1569 Lithuania/ Poland. 1660 Sweden. 1721 Russia. 1918 Estonia/ Latvia. [Read more ...]

Livonian Knights. 1202-1561. German religious order to Christianize Baltic. Livonia. [Read more ...]

Livonian War. 1558-83. Russia fails to conquer Livonia for access to Baltic. [Read more ...]

Livy. c59BC-17 AD. Roman historian. 142 volume Annals of Rome 29BC-. [Read more ...]

Lloyd George, David. 1863-1945. British Liberal Prime Minister,1916-22. Unemployment insurance. Irish Free State. War cabinet, 1916. [Read more ...]

Lloyd’s. English insurance society created in Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House 1688. [Read more ...]

Lloyd Webber, Andrew. 1948-. British composer of popular musicals. Jesus Christ, Superstar 1971. Evita 1978. Cats 1981. Phantom of the Opera. [Read more ...]

Llull, Raimon. 1235-1316. Catalan Neoplatonic Idealist mystic poet, alchemist. Tried to convert Moslems. Felix 1288. [Read more ...]

Llwelyn. Welsh prince, 1246-82. With Montfort in Barons War. [Read more ...]

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