The Pocket Guide to World History

Lobachevsky, Nikolay. 1792-1856. Russian. Invented non-Euclidian geometry, 1826. [Read more ...]

Locarno Pact. 1925. Non-aggression treaty in Europe. Germany, France, Belgium, et al. Broken when Hitler occupied Rhineland,1936. [Read more ...]

Locke, John. 1632-1704. English philosopher. Empiricism-all knowledge is derived from experience: On Civil Government 1689. Essay Concerning Human Understanding 1690. ‘Sound mind in a sound body’. Evil brings pain, Good brings pleasure. Advocated separation of legislature from executive, as applied in Britain and US. Natural rights (property, pursuit of happiness, religion) influenced US Constitution, led to Enlightenment. Philosophical basis of French and American Revolutions. Epistemological foundations of modern Science. [Read more ...]

Lockerbie Scotland. 1988 Terrorist bomb downs PanAm plane killing 270. Libya. [Read more ...]

Lockyer, Joseph. 1836-1920. English. Discovered helium in sun 1868. [Read more ...]

Locofoco Party. 1835-8. US anti-monopoly Democratic Party faction. [Read more ...]

Lodge, Henry Cabot. 1850-1924. US isolationist senator, blocked US entry to League of Nations. [Read more ...]

Lodi, Battle. 1796. Napoleon defeats Austria in Italy. [Read more ...]

Loewe, Frederick. 1904-88. US composer; partner of Lerner. [Read more ...]

LogicalPositivism. 1920s. Philosophy. Only experimentally verifiable scientific truth counts. Vienna Circle. Wittgenstein. [Read more ...]

Logos. Greek force of cosmic order and reason. Link between God and man. Philo. [Read more ...]

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