The Pocket Guide to World History

Liszt, Franz. 1811-86. Hungarian pianist, Romantic composer. Harmonic innovator. [Read more ...]

Lithuania. 1238 Mindaugas unites. 1385 +Poland. 1569 Lublin Union under Poland. 1795 Prussia/ Russia. 1918 Independent. 1926 Smetona putsch. 1940 USSR. 1991 Independent. [Read more ...]

Little America. Antarctic base founded by Byrd 1928. [Read more ...]

Little Bighorn, Battle. 1876. Sitting Bull led Sioux and Cheyenne defeat Custer’s cavalry. [Read more ...]

Little Entente. 1920-38. Economic, defensive alliance of Czechoslovakia, Romania, Yugoslavia. [Read more ...]

Little Masters. Engravers influenced by Durer. Behem. [Read more ...]

Littré, Paul-Émile. 1801-81. French positivist philosopher. Dictionary of the French Language 1863-73. [Read more ...]

Liturgical Movement. 19-20C Christian church modernization of liturgy. [Read more ...]

Liu Shao-ch’i. 1898-1969. Chinese head of state 1959-. Denounced 1966,8. Rehabilitated 1980. [Read more ...]

Liutprand. Powerful Lombard King, 712-44. Law code. [Read more ...]

Livia Drusilla. 58BC-29 AD. Influential wife of Augustus. Mother of Tiberius. [Read more ...]

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