The Pocket Guide to World History

Lindbergh, Charles. 1902-74. US aviator: first solo non-stop flight across Atlantic, 1927. [Read more ...]

Lindos. c700-408BC. Major Rhodes city. Colonized Spain and Italy. [Read more ...]

Linear A. 1700BC Undeciphered Cretan script. [Read more ...]

Linnaeus, Carolus. 1707-78. Swedish botanist. Created Latin genus/species naming convention. Systema Naturae 1735. Philosophia Botanica 1751. Classified Homo Sapiens 1766. [Read more ...]

Liotard, Jean Etienne. 1702-89. Swiss pastel portrait painter. [Read more ...]

Lippershey, Hans. 1570-1619. Dutch. First telescope, 1608. [Read more ...]

Lippi, Fra Filippo. 1406-69. Florentine Renaissance painter. Madonna and Child 1437. Coronation of the Virgins. [Read more ...]

Lisbon, Treaty. 1668. Spain recognizes Portuguese sovereignty. [Read more ...]

Lisbon Earthquake. 1755. [Read more ...]

List, Friedrich. 1789-1846. German economist. Advocated protectionism. National System of Political Economy 1846. [Read more ...]

Lister, Joseph. 1827-1912. English surgeon. Introduced carbolic acid for antiseptic surgery, 1865. [Read more ...]

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