The Pocket Guide to World History

Lima Declaration. 1938. W. Hemisphere solidarity vs Fascist threat. [Read more ...]

Limburg, Pol, Herman and Jehanequin. c1835-c1416. Dutch Gothic illuminators. Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry 1416. [Read more ...]

Limerick Capitulation. 1691. Confirmed English rule and Protestant land ownership in Ireland. [Read more ...]

Limited Liability. 19C. Sale of limited liability stock stimulated Industrialization. [Read more ...]

Limoges. 16-17C Gothic painted enamels. [Read more ...]

Limon von Sanders, Otto. 1855-1929. German general. Led Turks at Galipoli. [Read more ...]

Lin Piao. 1907-71. Chinese Communist. general, political leader. Died after coup attempt. [Read more ...]

Linacre, Thomas. 1460-1524. English physician, translator of Galen. [Read more ...]

Lincoln, Abraham. 1809-65. US Republican president 1861-. Civil War. Gettysburg. Emancipation Proclamation. Assassinated. Booth. [Read more ...]

Lincoln, Battle. 1217. Henry III defeats nobles supporting Louis VIII of France. [Read more ...]

Lincolnshire Insurection. 1536. Against taxes, Dissolution of Monasteries. [Read more ...]

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