The Pocket Guide to World History

Lepanto, Battle. 1571. Major Christian naval victory vs Turks, saving Cyprus. [Read more ...]

Lepidus, Marcus. -13BC. Roman triumvir with Antony, Octavian 43-36BC. Failed revolt vs Octavian, 36BC. [Read more ...]

Lepidus, Marcus. -c77BC. Roman consul. Opposed Sulla’s reforms, 78. Defeated by Pompey in Etruria. [Read more ...]

Lermontov, Mikhail. 1814-41. Russian Romantic Caucasus poet: Hero of Our Time 1840. Exiled 1837-38,40. [Read more ...]

Lerner, Alan. 1918-86. Lyricist. My Fair Lady. Camelot. [Read more ...]

Lesage, Alain. 1668-1747. French picaresque novelist. Gil Blas 1715-35. [Read more ...]

Lescot, Pierre. 1515-1578. Architect 1546 of current Louvre Palace. [Read more ...]

Lese Majesty. Crime against state or its ruler. Treason. [Read more ...]

Lesotho. Basutoland. c1800 Basotho kingdom. 1868 British. 1871 Cape Colony. 1884 British colony. 1966 Independent kingdom of Lesotho. [Read more ...]

Lesseps, Ferdinand. 1805-94. French engineer. Suez Canal 1869. Corinth Canal. Designed and began Panama Canal 1881-89. [Read more ...]

Lessing, Doris. 1919-. Iran./Rhodesian/British novelist. The Children of Violence 1964. [Read more ...]

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