The Pocket Guide to World History

Leoncavello, Ruggero. 1857-1919. Italian opera composer. I Pagliacci 1892. [Read more ...]

Leonidas. King of Sparta. Killed resisting Persians at Thermopylae, 480BC. [Read more ...]

Leopold and Loeb. 1924. Wealthy, intellectual partners ‘perfect’ murder of Bobby Franks leads to life imprisonment. Darrow plea avoids execution. [Read more ...]

Leopold I. 1790-1865. First King of Belgians 1831-. Maintained neutrality. [Read more ...]

Leopold II. 1747-92. Holy Roman Emperor 1790-. “Enlightened despot”. Liberal reforms. Declaration of Pillnitz for absolutism. [Read more ...]

Leopold II. 1835-1909. King of Belgians 1865-. Ruled Congo ruthlessly. [Read more ...]

Leopold III. 1901-83. King of Belgians 1934-51. German prisoner 1940-5. Abdicated. [Read more ...]

Lépine, Louis. 1846-1933. French administrator, prefect of police. Contest of inventors. [Read more ...]

Le Vau, Louis. 1612-70. Architect at Louvre, Versailles, Vaux-le-Vicomte. [Read more ...]

Le Verrier, Urbain. 1811-77. French astronomer: predicted existence of Neptune by calculation, 1845. [Read more ...]

Leovigild. Last Visigoth King of Spain 572-86. [Read more ...]

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