The Pocket Guide to World History

Lessing, Gotthold. 1729-81. German Movement dramatist. Laokoon 1765. Minna von Barnheim 1767. Nathan the Wise 1779. [Read more ...]

Lethe. Greek mythical river of forgetfulness in Hades. [Read more ...]

Leto. Mother of Apollo and Artemis. [Read more ...]

Lettres de Cachet. 16C-1789. French royal warrants for arrest. Often political. Bastille. [Read more ...]

Leucippus. -440BC. Greek philosopher. Atomism. “Nothing occurs at random”. [Read more ...]

Leuctra, Battle. 371BC. Thebes defeats Sparta, signalling decline. [Read more ...]

Leutze, Emanuel. 1816-68. US painter. Washington Crossing the Delaware 1851. [Read more ...]

Levant. Region of E Mediterranean from Greece to Egypt. [Read more ...]

Levellers. 1645-50. English Civil War republican democratic party. Sought religious, political equality and end to monarchy. [Read more ...]

Levi. Old Testament 3rd son of Jacob. [Read more ...]

Levi, Primo. 1919-87. Italian writer. Survival in Auschwitz 1947. Periodic Table 1975. [Read more ...]

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