The Pocket Guide to World History

Le Lorrain, Robert. 1666-1743. French bas-relief sculptor. [Read more ...]

Lemaître, Georges. 1894-1966. Belgian cosmologist. Big Bang theory of creation 1927. [Read more ...]

Le Mercier, Jacques. 1585-1654. French architect of Sorbonne and Horloge Pavilion of Louvre. [Read more ...]

Lend-Lease. Agreement between Allies and US during WWII for sharing costs of supplies and foreign exchange obligations. [Read more ...]

L’Enfant, Pierre. 1754-1825. French/US architect. Washington town plan 1792, implemented 1901. [Read more ...]

Le Nain. Antoine, 1588-1648. Louis, 1593-1648. Mathieu, 1607-1677. French brothers, painters. Popular Scenes 1642. [Read more ...]

Lenin, Vladimir Illyich. 1870-1924. Russian Bolshevik revolutionary. Dictator 1917-. Created authoritarian, elite, disciplined organization. [Read more ...]

Leningrad. St Petersburg. [Read more ...]

Leningrad, Siege. 1941-44. By Germans. Unsuccessful. 1M died. [Read more ...]

Leningrad Affair. 1948. Purge of Zhdanov associates by Stalin. [Read more ...]

Leninism. Applied Dialectical Materialism. World Proletariat Revolution. Dictatorship of the Proletariat, then transition to Communism. Authoritarian conspiratorial elite conscious of imperative of history. “Freedom in discussion-unity in action”. [Read more ...]

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