The Pocket Guide to World History

Legion of Honour. French national order instituted by Napoleon, 1802. Five ranks: Grands Croix, Grands Officiers, Commandeurs, Officiers, Chevaliers. [Read more ...]

Legislative. Branch of a government that enacts laws. [Read more ...]

Legislative Assembly. 1791-2. 1849-51. French national parliament...National Convention. [Read more ...]

Legitimists. 19C French Royalist supporters of Bourbon Chambord vs Orleanists, Bonapartists. [Read more ...]

Leibniz, Gottfried. 1646-1716. German philosopher, mathematician. Invented differential and integral calculus1675, binary arithmetic 1703. Multiplication machine 1671. [Read more ...]

Leicester, Robert Dudley, Earl of. 1532-88. Favourite of Queen Elizabeth I. [Read more ...]

Leif Eriksson. Norwegian discoverer of Vinland, 1000. [Read more ...]

Leipzig, Battle. 1813. Napoleon loses Germany and Poland. 500,000 troops involved. [Read more ...]

Leipzig Debate. 1519. Luther vs Eck. Both claim victory. [Read more ...]

Leisler’s Rebellon. 1689-91. NY vs Catholic officials. [Read more ...]

Le Jeune, Claude. c1527-1600. French composer of musique mésurée. [Read more ...]

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