The Pocket Guide to World History

LeDuc, Viollet. 19C restorer of Notre Dame. [Read more ...]

Le Duc Tho. 1911-90. Vietnamese Communist leader, revolutionary. Paris Peace Conference. (Refused) [Read more ...]

Lee, Anne. 1736-84. English/US mystic Shaker leader. [Read more ...]

Lee, Richard. 1732-94. US Continental Congressman. Opposed Constitution, advocated Bill of Rights. [Read more ...]

Lee Kuan Yew. 1923-. First Singapore Prime Minister 1965-90. [Read more ...]

Lee, Robert E. 1807-70. Brilliant Confederate general. Captured John Brown. Surrender at Appomatox ended Civil War. [Read more ...]

Leeuwenhoek, Antony van. 1632-1723. Dutch. First to describe bacteria 1680, protozoa, corpuscles, spermatazoa 1675. [Read more ...]

Legal Tender Act. 1862. US authorizes paper money without gold backing. [Read more ...]

Legendre, Adrien. 1752-1833. French mathematician. Irrationality of pi, 1794. Elliptical integrals, 1786. [Read more ...]

Léger, Fernand. 1881-1955. French painter. Modernist mechanistic forms of solid colors. Femme au Livre 1923. Grande Parade 1954. [Read more ...]

Legion. Roman army unit of 4-6,000 men. [Read more ...]

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