The Pocket Guide to World History

Lebensraum. “Living Space”. Nazi expansionist objective, 1936-. [Read more ...]

LeBougre, Robert. First Inquisitor of HRE, appointed by Gregory IX 1231. [Read more ...]

Lebrun, Albert. 1871-1950. French president 1931-40. Surrendered to Pétain. [Read more ...]

LeBrun, Charles. 1619-90. Painter. Head of Gobelins Tapestry Works, 1662-. Versailles decorator. [Read more ...]

Lechfeld, Battle. 955. Otto I halts Magyar expansion. [Read more ...]

Leclerc, Jacques-Philippe. 1902-47. French WWII resistance leader. Led 1500 mile march to liberate Paris, 1944. [Read more ...]

Lecompton Constitution. 1858. Rejected pro-slavery Kansas constitution. [Read more ...]

Leconte de Lisle, Charles. 1818-94. French Parnassian poet. [Read more ...]

Le Corbusier. 1887-1965. Swiss Functionalist architecht, urbanist. -“A house is a machine to live in”. [Read more ...]

Leda. Spartan Queen. Mother of Helen, Castor, Pollux. [Read more ...]

Ledoux, Claude Nicolas. 1736-1806. French Neoclassical architect. Tollhouses. [Read more ...]

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