The Pocket Guide to World History

Lawrence, St. -258. Martyr with Pope St Sixtus II. [Read more ...]

Lawrence, Thomas. 1769-1830. English portrait artist. [Read more ...]

Lawrence, Thomas (of Arabia). 1888-1935. English writer, officer. Led Arabs against Turks, 1914-18: Seven Pillars of Wisdom 1926. [Read more ...]

Laxness, Halldór. 1902-98. Icelandic writer. Weaver of Cashmere 1927. Independent People 1935. [Read more ...]

Layamon. c1200. English poet. First mention of King Arthur, Lear, Merlin. [Read more ...]

Lazarus. Raised from dead by Jesus. [Read more ...]

Lazear, Jesse. 1866-1900. Linked mosquito with yellow fever, 1900, of which he died. Reed. Agramonte. [Read more ...]

Le. 1428-1788. Annam dynasty in Vietnam. Gained independence from China. [Read more ...]

Leacock, Stephen. 1869-1944. Canadian humourist. Nonsense Novels 1911. [Read more ...]

League of 3 Emperors. 1872. Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia for defence vs France. [Read more ...]

League of Nations. 1920-46. Versailles. For everlasting peace. Idea of US, who did not join. Germany 1926-33. Maximum 63 nations. Failed 1931 when Japan attacked Manchuria. USSR expelled1939. Dissolved 1946. Mandates. [Read more ...]

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