The Pocket Guide to World History

Leakey, Louis. 1903-72. British anthropological archeologist. With wife Mary, discovered homo habilis and other ancient humanoid fossils. [Read more ...]

Leander. Hero’s lover who swam Hellespont nightly. [Read more ...]

Leaning Tower. 1174-1350. Pisa cathedral bell tower. [Read more ...]

Lear. Mythological Celtic king. Shakespearean subject. [Read more ...]

Lear, Edward. 1812-88. 1846 Book of Nonsense popularized limericks. [Read more ...]

Leary, Timothy. 1920-96. Harvard professor who urged students to “turn on” with LSD, 1964. [Read more ...]

Lebanese Civil War. 1975-91. Moslem PLO gain power over Phalangists. Lebanese National Pact. Israeli, Syrian intervention 1978-82. [Read more ...]

Lebanese Crisis. 1958. US Marines intervene in Civil War vs Communists. [Read more ...]

Lebanese National Pact. 1943-75. Compromise government of Maronite President, Sunni Prime Minister, Shi’ite Speaker. [Read more ...]

Lebanese War. 1978-82. Israeli invasions vs PLO, Syria. [Read more ...]

Lebanon. 25C BC Phoenicia. 6C BC Persia. 332 Alexander. 64BC Rome. 5C Byzantine. 7C Moslems, Maronite Christians. 11C Druse(S). 1516 Ottoman. 1861 Christian autonomy under Ottomans. 1920 French mandate. 1926 Republic under France. 1943 Independent republic. 1975-91 Civil war. [Read more ...]

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