The Pocket Guide to World History

Lavater, Johann. 1741-1801. Swiss father of physiognomics, 1775. [Read more ...]

Laveran, Charles. 1845-1922. French pathologist. Discovered Malaria parasite 1880. [Read more ...]

Lavery, John. 1856-1941. Irish portrait painter. [Read more ...]

Lavoisier, Antoine. 1743-94. French “father of modern chemistry”. Oxygen in combustion 1772. Guillotined. [Read more ...]

La Voisin. Burned at the stake for selling “inheritance powder” (poison), 1680. Poisons Affair. [Read more ...]

Law, Bonar. 1858-1923. Scottish MP, British Prime Minister 1922-3. Tariff reforms. [Read more ...]

Law, John. 1671-1729. Scottish financier. Founded Paris stock exchange, 1717. Bankrupted by Mississippi Scheme, 1720. [Read more ...]

Law Commission Act. 1965. First codification of English common law. [Read more ...]

Lawrence, D.H. 1885-1930. Censored English psychological novelist exploring consciousness and morality. Sons and Lovers 1913. Women in Love 1926. Lady Chatterly’s Lover 1928. Modernism. [Read more ...]

Lawrence, Ernest. 1901-58. Invented cyclotron, 1930. [Read more ...]

Lawrence, James. 1781-1813. US naval commander in War of 1812. -“Don’t give up the ship!” [Read more ...]

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