The Pocket Guide to World History

Lateran Treaty. 1929. Established Vatican as sovereign state. [Read more ...]

Latimer, Hugh. 1485-1555. English Protestant Reformation churchman. Executed by Mary I. [Read more ...]

Latin Empire of Constantinople. 1204-61. Established by 4th Crusade leaders. [Read more ...]

Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. 1099-1291. Jerusalem. [Read more ...]

Latin Wars. 340-338BC. Rome conquers Latium. [Read more ...]

Latins. Latium tribe. Includes Romans. [Read more ...]

Latium. Area in Central Italy inhabited by Latins. [Read more ...]

La Tour, Maurice de. 1704-88. French portraitist. Influenced by Caravaggio. [Read more ...]

La Trémoille, Georges de. 1382-1446. French nobleman. Obstructed Joan of Arc. [Read more ...]

Latrobe, Benjamin. 1764-1820. US Greek Revival architect. Rebuilt Capitol 1814. [Read more ...]

Lattimore, Owen. 1900-89. US adviser to Chiang Kai-shek. Acquitted of spying 1950 vs US. [Read more ...]

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