The Pocket Guide to World History

Lars Porsena. 6C BC. Etruscan king of Clusium. Conquered Rome. [Read more ...]

Las Casas, Bartolomé de. 1474-1566. Spanish missionary to South America. New Laws 1542. Historia de las Indias. [Read more ...]

La Salle, Robert. 1643-87. French explorer of Louisiana, Mississippi 1682. [Read more ...]

Lascaux Caves. 100,000BC paintings discovered 1940. [Read more ...]

Lassalle, Ferdinand. 1825-64. German Socialist. 1848 Revolutionary Movement. [Read more ...]

Lasso, Orlando di. c1530-94. Flemish polyphonic Renaissance composer. Motets 1556. [Read more ...]

Lassus, Roland de. 1531-94. Composer of masses, madrigals in Franco-Belgian style. [Read more ...]

Last Supper. Jesus’ last meal with Discliples. [Read more ...]

Lateran Councils. Roman Catholic church councils. 1123,39 vs Schism of Arnold of Brescia. 1179 Crusade vs Albigens. 1215 Crusade. 1512-17 Reform. [Read more ...]

Lateran. Complex of 3 buildings in Rome. 16C Palace was papal residence to1309. [Read more ...]

Lateran Synod. 1059. Papal election procedure. [Read more ...]

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