The Pocket Guide to World History

Latvia. 9C Varangian. 1158 Teutonic Knights. 1561 Poland(S). 1629 Sweden(N). 1721 Russian(N)...1795 Russian(all). 1918 Independent republic. 1934 Ulmanis dictator. 1940 USSR. 1941-45 German occupation. 1991 Independent. [Read more ...]

Laud, William. 1573-1645. Archbishop of Canterbury, 1633-45. Supported Charles I. Beheaded. [Read more ...]

Lauder, Harry. 1870-1950. Scot singer/composer: Roamin’ in the Gloamin’. [Read more ...]

Lauderdale, John. 1616-82. Scottish statesman. Cabal Ministry. Repressive rule of Scotland. [Read more ...]

Laudon, Gideon. 1717-90. Estonian/Austrian Hapsburg field marshal in Seven Years War. [Read more ...]

Laurens, Henry. 1724-92. US President of Continental Congress 1777-8. Captured by British. Exchanged for Cornwallis. [Read more ...]

Laurier, Wilfrid. 1841-1919. First French-Canadian Prime Minister 1896-1911. Liberal. Boer War. [Read more ...]

Lausanne, Peace. 1923. Greco-Turkish War. Resettlement of 1.35M Greeks, 430K Turks. [Read more ...]

Lausanne, Treaty. 1912. Turkey cedes Tripoli to Italy after Italo-Turkish War. 1932. Ended German WWI reparations despite US rejection. [Read more ...]

Laval, Pierre. 1883-1945. Vichy Prime Minister 1942-4. Executed for treason. [Read more ...]

Lavalleja, Juan. 1784-1853. Uruguay revolutionary. Led 33 Immortals. Independence from Brazil. [Read more ...]

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