The Pocket Guide to World History

Arjun. 1563-1606. Sikh guru, first martyr. [Read more ...]

Ark of the Covenant. Built by Moses to house 10 Commandments. [Read more ...]

Arkwright, Richard. 1732-92. Invented power spinning machine, 1769. [Read more ...]

Arlen, Harold. 1905-86. US songwriter. Over the Rainbow. [Read more ...]

Armada. Spanish Armada. [Read more ...]

Armageddon. Site of battle at end of the world. [Read more ...]

Armagnac. Former county of southwest France, now Gascogne. 960 Independent. 1360 English. 1607 France. [Read more ...]

Armagnacs. Fought Burgundians for control of France through Charles VI regency 1395-1435. Arras. [Read more ...]

Armed Neutrality at Sea. 1780-1801. Agreement that neutral flag at sea protects all but military goods. [Read more ...]

Armenia. 9C BC Vannic kingdom. 8C BC Persians, Assyrians, Armenians settle. 521BC Persian. 331BC Alexander...Seleucid. 298 Rome. 387 Persia/Byzantine. 7C Moslem. 885 Independent kingdom. 1071 Seljuk. 13C Mongol. 1405 Ottoman/Persian. 1514 Ottoman. 1918 Independent. 1920 Russia/Turkey. 1990 Independent. CIS. [Read more ...]

Armenian Church. c303. First Christian state church. 506 schism with Rome. [Read more ...]

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