The Pocket Guide to World History

Ariadne. Daughter of Minos. Gave Theseus the string to escape the Labyrinth. [Read more ...]

Arianism. 313-. Christian heresy. “Christ not of same nature as God.” Condemned at Nicaea. [Read more ...]

Arion. Greek bard rescued by dolphin. [Read more ...]

Ariosto, Ludovico. 1474-1533. Italian Renaissence poet, playwright: Orlando Furioso 1516. [Read more ...]

Aristarchus. 310-230BC. Samos. First to postulate sun as center of solar system. Accused of impiety. Copernicus. [Read more ...]

Aristides. 540-468BC. Athenian general at Marathon. [Read more ...]

Aristippus. 435-366BC. Cyrenaic philosopher: Man’s goal should be pleasure. Good=pleasant. [Read more ...]

Aristocracy. Gov’t by a privileged class. [Read more ...]

Aristophanes. c450-388BC. Athenian poet and satirical dramatist: The Clouds 423, The Birds 414. Lysistrata. [Read more ...]

Aristotle. 384-322BC. Greek philosopher, founder of Peripatetics: Unified theory of knowledge. Matter, potentially alive, strives to attain its living form. Stressed observation and logic. Deductive Reasoning. Free Will. [Read more ...]

Arius. c256-336. Alexandrian advocate of Arianism. Council of Nicaea. [Read more ...]

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