The Pocket Guide to World History

Lao-tzu. =Old Philosopher. 604-531BC. Legendary Chinese philosopher. Founded Taoism. The Way of Life. [Read more ...]

Laocoön. Trojan priest, distrusted Trojan Horse. Killed with sons by serpents. [Read more ...]

Laos. 14C Buddhist Lan Xang. 18C Vientiane(C)/ Luang Prabang(N)/ Champassak(S). 19C Siam. 1893 French protectorate. 1942 Japanese occupy. 1946 French. 1953 Independent...civil wars. 1975 Lao People’s Democratic Republic. 1991 New Constitution and freedoms. [Read more ...]

LaPérouse, Jean. 1741-88. French explorer in Pacific 1785. [Read more ...]

Laplace, Pierre. 1749-1827. French mathematician, astronomer. Celestial mechanics 1779-1825. Solar system origin from condensed gas. [Read more ...]

Lapse, Doctrine of. British East India Company claimed control of any state where direct royal line ended causing Indian Mutiny 1857. Dalhousie. [Read more ...]

Lapua. 1929-32. Finnish-Estonian Fascist movement. Failed putsch, 1932. [Read more ...]

Lares. Roman gods of households and fields. [Read more ...]

Largo Caballero, Francisco. 1869-1946. Spanish socialist Prime Minister, 1936-7. Radical polemics led to Civil War. [Read more ...]

LaRochefoucauld, Francois. 1613-80. French epigramist, moralist. Memoires and Maxims 1665-78. [Read more ...]

Larousse, Pierre. 1817-75. French lexicographer. Great Universal Dictionary of the XIXth Century 1866-76. [Read more ...]

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