The Pocket Guide to World History

Land Decree. 1917. Confiscation of private property in Russia. [Read more ...]

Land League. 1879. Irish association to reduce rents. Agitated for Home Rule. Parnell. [Read more ...]

Landowski, Paul. 1875-1961. Sculptor: St. Genevieve on Tournelle Bridge, Paris, 1928; la Réformation, Geneva, 1912-18. [Read more ...]

Landsgemeinde. Swiss canton meeting. Direct democracy. [Read more ...]

Landsteiner, Karl. 1868-1943. Austrian/US. Discovered ABO blood types 1901, Rh factor 1940. [Read more ...]

Langhans, Carl. 1732-1808. German architect. Brandenburg Gate 1789. [Read more ...]

Langland, William. 1330-1400. English Christian allegorical poet. Piers Ploughman 1362. [Read more ...]

Langton, Stephen. 1151-1228. Archbishop of Canterbury. Encouraged Magna Carta. [Read more ...]

Langtry, Lily. 1853-1929. English beauty/actress. Favourite of Edward VII as Prince of Wales. [Read more ...]

Lansbury, George. 1859-1940. British Labour MP. Women’s suffrage. Pacifist, opposed to WWI. [Read more ...]

Lansdowne, Henry. 1845-1927. British statesman. Governor General of Canada, India. Secretary of War 1895-1900. [Read more ...]

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