The Pocket Guide to World History

Archons. Ancient Greek chief magistrates. [Read more ...]

Ardennes, Battle. Battle of the Bulge. [Read more ...]

Ardon, Mordecai. 1896-1992. Polish/Israeli abstract painter. Jerusalem landscapes. [Read more ...]

Areopagus. Athenian council of elders. [Read more ...]

Ares. Greek god of war, Roman =Mars. [Read more ...]

Aretino, Pietro. 1492-1556. Italian satirical poet. [Read more ...]

Arezzo d’. Guido. [Read more ...]

Argentina. Tehuelch, Querandi, Puelche, Inca. 1536 Spanish. 1776 Viceroyalty of La Plata. 1816 Independent United Province of La Plata. 1862 =Argentina. 1943 Peron. 1982 Falklands War. 2001 Economic collapse. [Read more ...]

Argonauts. Greek heroes who pursued the golden fleece. [Read more ...]

Argos. Greek city-state. Dominated Peloponnesus 7C BC. [Read more ...]

Argus. 100 eyed keeper of Io, killed by Hermes. Hera gave eyes to the peacock. [Read more ...]

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