The Pocket Guide to World History

Koffka, Kurt. 1886-1941. German. Founder of Gestalt psychology. Köhler. [Read more ...]

Koguryo. 2C BC-668. Korean kingdom. Overrun by Silla, T’ang. [Read more ...]

Köhler, Wolfgang. 1887-1967. Estonian founder of Gestalt psychology. Koffka. [Read more ...]

Kokhba, Bar. -135. Led Hebrew revolt vs Hadrian. [Read more ...]

Kokoschka, Oskar. 1886-1980. Austrian Expressionist painter, writer. [Read more ...]

Kolin, Battle. 1757. Austrian victory forced Prussia to abandon Bohemia. [Read more ...]

Kölliker, Rudolph. 1817-1905. German histologist. Discovered cellular structure of tissue. Spermatozoa 1841. [Read more ...]

Königgrätz, Battle. 1866. Ended 7 Week War. Left Prussia dominant over Germany. = Sadowa. [Read more ...]

Konoe, Fuminaro. 1891-1945. Japanese Prime Minister 1937~41. Formed Axis alliance; USSR non-aggression pact. [Read more ...]

Korah. Led Hebrew revolt vs Moses. Swallowed up by the earth. [Read more ...]

Koran. (Qur’an.) 615-32. Islamic sacred book of God’s revelations to Muhammad. [Read more ...]

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