The Pocket Guide to World History

Korea. 1C BC Koguryo/Silla/Paekche kingdoms. 676 Silla unified. 935 Koryo dynasty. 1259-1368 Mongol. 1392-1910 Yi dynasty. 1592, 97 Japan invades. 1627, 36 China invades. 1904 Japan occupies. 1945 US/USSR occupies. 1948 Divided: Republic of Korea(S)/Democratic Peoples Republic(N). [Read more ...]

Korean War. 1950-3. China supports Communist invasion of South Korea. Repelled with UN aid-mainly US troops. MacArthur. 38th parallel border reestablished. 5M dead. [Read more ...]

Kornilov, Lavr. 1870-1918. Russian general. Kerensky’s Commander-in-Chief, 1917. Failed coup vs Kerensky. Led Anti-Bolshevik White Army. [Read more ...]

Korolyov, Sergei. 1906-66. Russian scientist. Designed first satellite, first spacecraft. [Read more ...]

Koryo. 935-1392. Korean kingdom. [Read more ...]

Korzybski, Alfred. 1879-1950. Polish/US linguist. General semantics 1933. [Read more ...]

Kosciusko, Tadeusz. 1746-1817. Polish. Led Rebellion 1794-7 vs occupiers. 3rd Partition of Poland. American Revolution war officer. [Read more ...]

Kosovo. Predominantly Albanian province of southwest Serbia, Yugoslavia. 1996-99 KLA rebels seek autonomy. Serbian ethnic cleansing. [Read more ...]

Kossuth, Lajos. 1802-94. Hungarian Revolution leader, 1848-9. [Read more ...]

Kosygin, Aleksey. 1904-80. Russian Prime Minister 1964- with Brezhnev. [Read more ...]

Kouros, Kore. 7C BC. Ideal male/female forms in Greek sculpture. [Read more ...]

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