The Pocket Guide to World History

Knights of St John. Hospitallers. [Read more ...]

Knights of the Golden Circle. 1859-66. Secret US organization of South supporters during Civil War. [Read more ...]

Knights’ War. 1522-3. Failed German rebellion vs Reformation. [Read more ...]

Knossos. 6500-1450BC. Capital of Minoan Empire. [Read more ...]

Know-Nothing Party. 1845-56. Secretive anti-immigrant US party. Fillmore. [Read more ...]

Knox, John. 1514-72. Scottish reformer, founder of austere Presbyterian Church of Scotland 1561. [Read more ...]

Kobayashi Kokei. 1883-1957. Japanese artist. Ideyu 1918. [Read more ...]

Koch, Robert. 1843-1910. German doctor. Identified bacilli for anthrax 1876, tuberculosis 1882, cholera 1883. [Read more ...]

Kodály. 1882-1967. Hungarian composer and collector of folk melodies. Corpus Musicae 1951. [Read more ...]

Kodros. Last King of Attica. [Read more ...]

Koenig, Friedrich. Cylinder printing press 1811. [Read more ...]

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