The Pocket Guide to World History

King George’s War. 1744-8. France vs Britain, War of Austrian Succession in North America. No territorial changes. Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle 1748. [Read more ...]

King Philip’s War. 1675-6. Bloody conflict of New England colonists vs Indians under Philip. [Read more ...]

King William’s War. 1689-97. Britain vs France in North America. War of Grand Alliance. First French-Indian War. [Read more ...]

King’s Friends. 1759-1800. British political party. Became Tory party. [Read more ...]

King’s Law. 1665. Justified Christian V’s Absolute Monarchy in Denmark + Norway. [Read more ...]

King’s Peace. 387BC. Sparta, Persia, Athens. Corinthian War. [Read more ...]

Kingsley, Charles. 1819-75. English didactic social novelist/clergyman. Alton Locke 1850. Water Babies 1863. Founded Christian Socialism. [Read more ...]

Kinsey, Alfred. 1894-1956. US sexologist. Sexual Behaviour 1948,53. [Read more ...]

Kipling, Rudyard. 1865-1936. English/Indian writer. Compelling, emotional, poetic. Jungle Book 1894. Kim 1901. Imperialist:- “White Man’s Burden”. [Read more ...]

Kircher, Athanasius. 1602-80. German scientist. Disease caused by microbes. Magic Lantern. [Read more ...]

Kirchhoff, Gustav. 1824-87. German physicist: spectral analysis 1859. Cesium 1860. Bunsen. Electrical equations 1845. [Read more ...]

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