The Pocket Guide to World History

Kiel Mutiny. 1918. Navy mutiny causes German uprising. Weimar Republic. [Read more ...]

Kielland, Alexander. 1849-1906. Norwegian author. Workers 1881. [Read more ...]

Kierkegaard, Sören. 1813-55. Danish founder of Existentialism. Either-Or 1843. Fear and Trembling 1843. Influenced Heidegger. Individual must consciously choose among life’s alternatives. [Read more ...]

Kilkenny Statute. 1367. Banned English-Irish marriage, use of Irish names by English. Established Pale. [Read more ...]

Killiecrankie, Battle. 1689. Jacobites massacre Royalists. [Read more ...]

Kim Il-Sung. 1912-94. North Korean dictator 1948-. Korean War. [Read more ...]

Kindl. -c870. Arab philosopher. Translated Aristotle. [Read more ...]

Kinetic Art. 20C. Works which move, or give the illusion of movement. Calder. Riley. [Read more ...]

King, Martin Luther, Jr. 1929-68. US non-violent black Civil Rights activist. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

King, William Lyon Mackenzie. 1874-1950. Canadian Liberal Prime Minister 1921~48. WWII. UN. [Read more ...]

King Cotton. 1850s belief in southern US that cotton would guarantee success of independent Confederacy. [Read more ...]

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