The Pocket Guide to World History

Kirchner, Ernst. 1880-1938. German erotic Expressionist artist. Die Brücke movement. Street, Berlin 1907. [Read more ...]

Kirgizstan. Russian. 1926 Autonomous republic. 1936 USSR. 1991 CIS. [Read more ...]

Kiribati. Micronesians, Polynesians. 16C Spanish visit. 1892 British protectorate. 1915 British colony = Gilbert and Ellice Is. 1976 -Ellice Is. 1977 Self-governing. 1979 Independent republic = Kiribati. [Read more ...]

Kisfaludy, Károly. 1788-1830. Hungarian national dramatist. Tatars in Hungary 1811. [Read more ...]

Kishi Nobusuke. 1896-1987. Japanese Prime Minister 1957-60. Resigned after supporting US-Japan security treaty. [Read more ...]

Kissinger, Henry. 1923-. German/US political scientist. US Secretary of State 1973-7. Shuttle Diplomacy. [Read more ...]

Kit-Kat Club. 1703-20. London Whig club of Hanover supporters. Met in Christopher Kat’s tavern. [Read more ...]

Kitasato, Shibasaburo. 1852-1931. Japanese. Discovered tetanus antitoxin 1890, plague bacillus 1894. [Read more ...]

Kitchen Cabinet. A. Jackson’s unofficial advisers. [Read more ...]

Kitchen Debate. 1959. Nixon, Khrushchev impromptu debate in model kitchen display. [Read more ...]

Kitchener, Horatio, Earl of. 1850-1916. Commander-in-chief Boer War. British Secretary of War, WWI. Symbol of will to victory. [Read more ...]

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