The Pocket Guide to World History

Khmer. 5-15C Cambodian empire defeated by Thai, Annam. [Read more ...]

Khmer Republic. 1975-78. = Kampuchea. [Read more ...]

Khmer Rouge. 1960-79. Cambodian Communists. Overthrew Lon Nol, creating Kampuchea 1975. Forced relocations, torture, executions. Millions killed. 1979 Overthrown by Vietnamese. 1982-95 guerilla war. 1995 Amnesty. Pol Pot. [Read more ...]

Khomeini, Ayatollah Ruhollah. 1901-89. Iranian Shi’ite Moslem Fundamentalist leader. Exiled 1963-79. Dictator 1979-. Islamic Revolution. [Read more ...]

Khrushchev, Nikita. 1894-1971. Soviet leader 1953-64. Berlin Wall 1961. Hungarian Uprising 1956. Malenkov. [Read more ...]

Khwarizimi, Al-. c780-850. Persian discoverer of algebra c810. Introduced Arabic numerals. [Read more ...]

Kiangsi Soviet. 1931-4. Chinese Communist Provincial government vs Nationalists under Mao. Long March. [Read more ...]

Kickapoo Indians. North America midwest warriors. Fought Americans in American Revolution, War of 1812, Black Hawk War. Resettled in Kansas. [Read more ...]

Kidd, Captain William. 1645-1701. British pirate. Hung. [Read more ...]

Kido Koin. 1833-77. Japanese statesman. Overthrew Shogunate 1868. Ended feudalism. [Read more ...]

Kiel, Treaty. 1814. Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden. [Read more ...]

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