The Pocket Guide to World History

Arcadia, Academy of. 1690. 1925 =Italian Literary Academy. Originally known for poetic, pastoral style. [Read more ...]

Arcadian. Venetian paintings with Greek gods in Italian dress. [Read more ...]

Arcadian League. 370-362BC. Union of states vs Sparta. [Read more ...]

Arcadius. 377-408. First Roman Emperor of East, 395-. [Read more ...]

Archaic Period of Greek Art. c650-500BC. Egyptian influenced sculpture. Mythological vase painting. [Read more ...]

Archangels. Chief angels of Christian, Judaic, Islamic, other religions. [Read more ...]

Archduke. Hereditary title of Austrian Hapsburgs. [Read more ...]

Archer, William. 1856-1924. Scottish critic, playwright. Translated Ibsen. [Read more ...]

Archidamian War. 431-421BC. Peloponnesian War. [Read more ...]

Archidamus II. Spartan king 469-427BC. Conflict w Athens. [Read more ...]

Archimedes. 287-212BC. Greek mathematician: lever, screw. Principle of displacement of liquid. Screw pump 260BC. Catapult 215BC. [Read more ...]

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