The Pocket Guide to World History

July Ordinances. 1830. Charles X attempts to censor press and alter electoral process causing July Revolution. [Read more ...]

July Revolution. 1830. France. Thiers. Charles X abdicates and flees to England. Louis-Philippe ascends. Caused by July Ordinances. [Read more ...]

June Days. 1848. Paris workers uprising. Cavaignac’s military rule kills 10,000 to restore order. [Read more ...]

June Offensive. Kerensky Offensive. [Read more ...]

Jung, Karl. 1875-1961. Swiss psychiatrist. Synchronicity-theory that related events occur at the same time without connecting cause. Astrology. Psychology of the Unconscious 1912. Extrovert. Introvert. Collective Unconscious. [Read more ...]

Junkers. Prussian landowner class. Dominated admin., military. [Read more ...]

Juno. Roman goddess of women and marriage. = Hera. Frigg. [Read more ...]

Junta. Emergency administrative council. Often after an overthrow of existing government. [Read more ...]

Jupiter. (Jove). Roman chief god. = Zeus. [Read more ...]

Justinian. 483-565. Eastern Roman Emperor, conquered Africa and Italy. Codified Roman law 529. Closed all non-Christian schools, beginning Dark Ages. Nika Riot. Corpus Juris Civilis. Hagia Sophia. Digest 553. Ulpian. [Read more ...]

Jutes. Germanic tribe who invaded England 5C. Established Canterbury. [Read more ...]

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