The Pocket Guide to World History

Judith. Jewish heroine. Killed Holofernes, Nebuchadnezzar’s general. [Read more ...]

Judo. 19C-.Oriental self defence not in conflict with non-violent religion. Modification of jujitsu. [Read more ...]

Jugenstil. Art Nouveau. [Read more ...]

Julian Calendar. 45BC-1582. Julius Caesar’s 90 day correction to calendar. Changed to 365.25 day year. Corrected by Gregory. Christian Era. [Read more ...]

Julian Era. 45BC to present. [Read more ...]

Julian the Apostate. 331-63. Roman Emperor 361-. Proclaimed religious toleration. Attempted to make Paganism the state religion. [Read more ...]

Juliana. 1909-. Queen of Netherlands 1948-80. [Read more ...]

Julius II. 1443-1513. Pope 1503-. Joined Holy League vs France. Patron of Michelangelo, Raphael. Swiss Guards. [Read more ...]

July Conspiracy. Stauffenberg. [Read more ...]

July Monarchy. Rule of Louis-Philippe. [Read more ...]

July Offensive. Kerensky Offensive. [Read more ...]

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