The Pocket Guide to World History

Jutland, Battle. 1916. Jellicoe’s indecisive attempt to trap German fleet. [Read more ...]

Juvenal. c60-127. Romanic stoic poet: Satires. [Read more ...]

Ka’bah. Shrine in Great Mosque. Moslem Hijrah pilgrimage objective. Contains Black Stone of Mecca given to Adam to absorb his sins. Kidnaped 930-950. [Read more ...]

Kadar, János. 1912-89. Hungarian Prime Minister 1956~65. Communist First Secretary. [Read more ...]

Kadet. 1905-17. Russian moderate party in Duma. [Read more ...]

Kaffir Wars. 1779-1879. Bantu vs British in South Africa. Cape Frontier Wars. [Read more ...]

Kafir. Moslem term for non-believers = infidel. [Read more ...]

Kafka, Franz. 1883-1924. Czech introspective writer. Alienation of modern man. The Trial 1925. The Castle 1926. Published posthumously. [Read more ...]

Kagawa. 1888-1960. Japanese Christian pacifist evangelist writer/labour leader. National Anti-War League 1928. [Read more ...]

Kahlo, Frida. 1907-54. Mexican painter in brilliant colors. Self portraits. Rivera. [Read more ...]

K’ai-feng. c1127-19C. Chinese Jewish group. [Read more ...]

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