The Pocket Guide to World History

Joyce, James. 1882-1941. Innovative Irish writer in Stream of Consciousness style. Experimented with linguistic techniques. Dubliners 1914. Portrait of the Artist 1916. Ulysses 1922. Finnegan’s Wake 1939. [Read more ...]

Juan Carlos I. 1938-. Spanish king 1975-. Son of Carlist pretender Don Juan. Withstood coup, 1981. [Read more ...]

Juárez, Benito. 1806-72. Mexican hero. Leader 1855~. Overthrew Santa Anna. La Reforma. [Read more ...]

Judah. Judaea. Southern part of Kingdom of Israel. [Read more ...]

Judah. Son of Jacob. Led 1 of 12 Tribes of Israel to Judah. [Read more ...]

Judah ha-Levi. c1075-1141. Jewish poet, philosopher in Spain. Ode to Zion. [Read more ...]

Judaism. Monotheistic religion founded by Abraham, who had covenant with God. Branches include: Orthodox. 19C-. Rigorous adherence to original Jewish Law; Rabbinic. 70-18C. Priest replaced by Rabbi. Sacrifice...Study of Torah. Temple...Synagogue; Reform. 19C. Modern liberal interpretation of Judaism. Hasidism. Mishna. Moses. [Read more ...]

Judas Iscariot. c30. Apostle who betrayed Jesus. Suicide. [Read more ...]

Judas of Galilee. Jewish zealot. Led revolt vs Rome over tax census. [Read more ...]

Jude, St. Apostle of Jesus. Martyred in Persia. [Read more ...]

Judicial. Branch of US government. Supreme and lower courts can invalidate Acts of Congress. [Read more ...]

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