The Pocket Guide to World History

Johnson, Amy. 1903-41. Pioneer British airwoman. [Read more ...]

Johnson, Andrew. 1808-75. US President 1865-9. Reconstruction. Civil Rights Act 1866. Barely acquitted in impeachment trial. [Read more ...]

Johnson, James. 1871-1938. US poet, diplomat. Secretary of NAACP. God’s Trombones 1927. [Read more ...]

Johnson, Lyndon. 1908-73. US president 1963-9. Great Society program. Education Act. Medicare. Vietnam War. [Read more ...]

Johnson, Pauline. 1861-1913. Canadian Nationalist métis poet. The song my paddle sings. [Read more ...]

Johnson, Samuel. 1709-84. English lexicographer. Dictionary 1755. Subject of Boswell biography. [Read more ...]

Joinville, Jean de. 1224-1317. French chronicler, advised St Louis. Histoire 1309. [Read more ...]

Joliot-Curie, Frédéric. 1900-58, and Irène. 1897-1956. Discovered Uranium fission 1934. Artificial radioactive substances. [Read more ...]

Jolson, Al. 1886-1950. US Vaudeville and Broadway performer. First talking film: The Jazz Singer 1927. [Read more ...]

Jonah. Hebrew prophet who spent three days in the stomach of a whale. [Read more ...]

Jones, Ernest. 1897-1958. Welsh psychoanalyst. Life and Works of Freud 1953-7. [Read more ...]

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