The Pocket Guide to World History

Jones, Inigo. 1573-1652. English architect who introduced Palladian style. Greenwich House 1616. Whitehall Banquet Hall 1619. [Read more ...]

Jones, John Paul. 1747-92. Scottish/American US Revolutionary naval hero. -“I have not yet begun to fight”. [Read more ...]

Jonestown Massacre. 1978. 913 followers of US cult leader James Jones commit suicide in Guyana. [Read more ...]

Jongleurs. French medieval wandering entertainers. [Read more ...]

Jonson, Ben. 1572-1637. English poet, dramatist: Drink to me Only with Thine Eyes. Every Man in his Humour 1601. Alchemist 1610. 1598 escaped gallows by Benefit of Clergy. [Read more ...]

Jordaens, Jacob. 1593-1678. Flemish painter. Boisterous scenes of peasant life. Allegory 1625. [Read more ...]

Jordan. 13C BC Hebrew(W). 6C BC Nabataean(E). 4C Seleucid(N)/Ptolemy(S). 63BC Rome. 637 Moslem. 1918 British mandate, Hashimite kingdom. 1946 Independent Transjordan. 1949 = Jordan. [Read more ...]

Jorgensen, Christine. 1926-89. First m-f sex change patient, 1952. [Read more ...]

Jorn, Asger. 1914-73. Danish Imaginist artist. Lettre à mon Fils 1957. L’avangarde se rende pas 1962. [Read more ...]

Joseph, St. Husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. [Read more ...]

Joseph I. 1678-1711. Holy Roman Emperor 1705-. Supported Charles VI vs France in War of Spanish Succession. [Read more ...]

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