The Pocket Guide to World History

John XX. Non-existent pope due to miscount by John XXI. [Read more ...]

John XXII. 1244-1334. Pope 1316-. Avignon. Condemned Franciscans. Imprisoned antipope Nicholas V. [Read more ...]

John Baptist de la Salle, St. 1651-1789. French priest. Founded Reims school. [Read more ...]

John Birch Society. 1958-. Right-wing US anti-Communist movement. Birch. [Read more ...]

John of Brienne. 1148-1237. French. Led 5th Crusade. King of Jerusalem 1210-25. [Read more ...]

John of Damascus, St. 675-749. Syrian Iconophile. Source of Knowledge 743. [Read more ...]

John of Lancaster. 1389-1435. English regent of France. Allowed Joan of Arc’s execution. [Read more ...]

John of Leiden. 1509-36. Dutch leader of Anabaptist rebellion 1534. [Read more ...]

John of the Cross, St. 1542-91. Spanish mystic poet. Founded Discalced Carmelites. [Read more ...]

John Paul II. 1920-. Poland. Authoritarian conservative pope 1978-. Wounded 1981 by Islamic fanatic. Most trips. More canonization than previous popes combined. [Read more ...]

Johns, Jasper. 1930-. US Pop artist. Painted Bronze 1960 (2 beer cans). [Read more ...]

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