The Pocket Guide to World History

John, St. The Evangelist. -c100. Apostle of Christ. Wrote 4th Gospel, Revelations. [Read more ...]

John I. 925-976. Byzantine Emperor 969-. Extended Empire to Balkans, Syria. [Read more ...]

John I. 1350-95. King of Aragon 1387-95. [Read more ...]

John II. The Good. 1319-64. King of France 1350.- Hundred Years War. Captured at Poitiers, ransomed for 3M écus. Annexes SW France. [Read more ...]

John II. The Perfect. 1455-95. King of Portugal 1481-. Sponsored Diaz. [Read more ...]

John III. 1629-96. King of Poland 1674-. “Champion of Christendom” saved Vienna from Turks 1683. [Read more ...]

John III. The Fortunate. 1502-57. King of Portugal 1521-. Instituted Inquisition. [Read more ...]

John V. 1332-91. Byzantine Empire 1341~91. Tried to unite East-West Schism to fight Turks. [Read more ...]

John V. 1689-1750. King of Portual 1706-. Peace with France and Spain. [Read more ...]

John VI. 1769-1826. King of Portugal 1816-. Brazil independence. [Read more ...]

John VIII. -882. Pope 872-. Paid Saracens for protection. Slavs allowed liturgy in Slavic. [Read more ...]

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