The Pocket Guide to World History

Jibril. Islamic archangel. God’s messenger to Muhammad. = Gabriel. [Read more ...]

Jihad. Moslem duty to spread Islam by holy war. [Read more ...]

Jim Crow Laws. 1877-1964. US laws allowing segregation. [Read more ...]

Jiménez, Francisco. 1436-1517. Spanish cardinal, statesman. Founded University of Alcalá. [Read more ...]

Jimenez de Quesada, Gonzalo. c1495-1579. Spanish conquistador. Founded Bogota, Colombia. [Read more ...]

Jimmu Tennõ. c660BC. Japan’s legendary first Emperor. Direct descendent of Sun goddess. [Read more ...]

Jingoism. Excessive nationalism. Originally for British who intervened in Russo-Turkish War, 1877. [Read more ...]

Jinnah, Muhammed Ali. 1876-1948. Founded Moslem League 1934. Demanded partition of India. First gov-gen. of Pakistan. [Read more ...]

Joachim, Joseph. 1831-1907. Hungarian violinist/composer. [Read more ...]

Joachim, St. Mary’s father. [Read more ...]

Joad, CEM. 1891-1953. British pacifist agnostic Rationalist philosopher. Vitalism. Guide to Philosophy 1936. [Read more ...]

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