The Pocket Guide to World History

Jerusalem, Council. 50. Exempted Gentiles from Mosaic Law, circumcision. [Read more ...]

Jerusalem, Kingdom. 1099-1291. Palestine kingdom created by leaders of First Crusade. King of Jerusalem used as title until 15C. [Read more ...]

Jerusalem, Synod. 1672. Eastern Orthodox Church denounces Calvinism and Lutheranism. [Read more ...]

Jesuit Estates Act. 1888. Quebec awards restitution to Jesuits for British land appropriation 1773. [Read more ...]

Jesuit Order. Society of Jesus.1534-. Founded by Loyola. Vows of poverty, chastity, and perfect obedience to Pope. Missionary and educational work. Dissolved 1773; restored 1814. [Read more ...]

Jesus. c6BC-c30. Jewish prophet, believed by Christians to be the Messiah, son of God. Crucified. Resurrected. Life and death were inspiration for Christianity. [Read more ...]

Jewish Agency. 1929-. Founded by Weizmann to support Zionist cause in Palestine. [Read more ...]

Jewish Era. Began 3761BCE. Year of creation calculated from Biblical evidence. Christian Era. Muhammadan Era. [Read more ...]

Jewish Revolts. vs Romans. 66-73: Failed, Temple destroyed. 132-5: Suppressed by Hadrian. Jews banished from Jerusalem. [Read more ...]

Jews. Individuals of Jewish parentage or Judaic religion. Descendents of Israelites who survived Babylonian Captivity. Hebrew. [Read more ...]

Jezebel. -c843BC. “Wicked” wife of Ahab. Worshipped Baal. [Read more ...]

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