The Pocket Guide to World History

Joan, Pope. Legendary female pontiff 855-8. [Read more ...]

Joan of Arc, St. c1412-31. Defeated English at Orléans. Burned by the English as heretic. Rehabilitated 1456. [Read more ...]

Job. 6C BC. Suffering, faithful Old Testament servant of God. [Read more ...]

Jodl, Alfred. 1890-1946. German general. Signed capitulation at Reims. Condemned at Nuremberg. [Read more ...]

Joei Shikimoku. 1232. Established Japanese Shogunate feudal system. [Read more ...]

Joffre, Joseph. 1852-1931. French marshal. Won at Marne 1914. French Commander-in-Chief 1914-16. [Read more ...]

Johanan ben Zakkai. 1C Pharisee. Founder of Jabne Academy, 70. Foundations of Rabbinic and Talmudic Judaism. [Read more ...]

John. Lackland. 1167-1216. King of England 1199-. Lost Normandy. Forced to sign Magna Carta 1215. Excommunicated 1209. Lost Anjou. [Read more ...]

John. The Fearless. 1371-1419. Duke of Burgundy 1404-. War vs Armagnacs.1407 conquered Paris, won crown. Assassinated by Armagnacs during negotiations. [Read more ...]

John, Order of St. = Hospitallers. [Read more ...]

John, St. The Baptist. -28. Baptised Christ. Beheaded for Salome by Herod Antipas. [Read more ...]

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