The Pocket Guide to World History

Jenner, Edward. 1749-1823. English doctor, discovered smallpox vaccine 1796. [Read more ...]

Jennings, Jane. Canadian author. Pocket Guide to World History 1986-2003. [Read more ...]

Jennings, Peter. 1950-. British author/inventor. Microchess 1976. Visidex 1980. Pocket History 1986-2007. MagicNotch 1990. [Read more ...]

Jennings, Sarah. 1660-1744. Influential Duchess of Marlborough in court of Queen Anne. [Read more ...]

Jeremiah. c650-570BC. Old Testament Hebrew prophet. [Read more ...]

Jericho. c9000BC. First walled city. 2300BC Amorite. 1900BC Canaanite. c1300BC Israelites destroy. [Read more ...]

Jericho, Battle. ~1300BC. Israelis under Joshua capture city. [Read more ...]

Jeroboam. 10C BC. King of N Israel. Idol worshipper. [Read more ...]

Jerome, Jerome K. 1859-1927. English novelist: Three Men in a Boat. [Read more ...]

Jerome, St. c347-c420. Translated Greek and Hebrew bible to Latin. Vulgate. [Read more ...]

Jerusalem. 3500BC settled. c1000BC David conquers for Israel. 721BC Assyrians conquer. Lost Tribes. 586BC Nebuchadnezzar. 539BC Cyrus. 332BC Alexander...320BC Ptolemy I Soter. 197BC Seleucid. 167BC Hasmonaean. 63BC Rome. 324 Byzantine. 614 Persia. 637 Moslem. 1099 Crusades. Latin Kingdom. 1187 Saladin. 1260 Mameluk. 1517 Ottoman. 1917 British Mandate. 1949 Israel/Jordan. 1967 Israel re-unites. 1996 Israel/Palestinian Authority. [Read more ...]

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