The Pocket Guide to World History

Aragon. 2C BC Rome. 711 Moors. 1035 Independent kingdom. 1076 +Navarre. 1134 -Navarre. 1137 +Catalonia. 1238 +Valencia. 13C +Balearics, Murcia. 1479 +Castile =Spain. Ferdinand. [Read more ...]

Aragon, Louis. 1897-1982. French Romantic poet + Communist. [Read more ...]

Arai Hakuseki. 1657-1725. Japanese Confucian philosopher, statesman, historian. [Read more ...]

Aramaeans. Ancient Semitic people of Mesopotamia, Syria. Language widespread 10C-5C BC. Alphabet 720 BC. [Read more ...]

Aranjuez, Revolt. 1808. Forced abdication of Charles IV (Spain) and dismissed Prime Minister. [Read more ...]

Aranyakas. c700BC. Vedic text on rituals. [Read more ...]

Ararat, Mount. Noah’s Ark landing place. 9-7C BC. [Read more ...]

Araucanian Wars. 1530-1870. Chile, Argentina. Natives forced onto reservations. [Read more ...]

Arawak. Natives of NE SA, Antilles. Now extinct in W Indies. [Read more ...]

Arc de Triomphe. Paris monument. Commissioned 1806 by Napoleon. Completed 1836. [Read more ...]

Arcadia. Ancient Greek region of Peloponnesus. Megalopolis. [Read more ...]

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